What is IDI?

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is a dynamic tool that allows individuals, teams and organizations to increase intercultural competence across culturally diverse communities.

The IDI is a cross-culturally valid, reliable and generalizable measure of intercultural competence along the validated intercultural development continuum (adapted, based on IDI research, from the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity theory developed by Milton Bennett). The IDI is a 50-item multiple choice questionnaire available online in 17 languages. For more information see https://idiinventory.com/.

Why use the IDI?

  • Individuals and groups learn where they are developmentally and focus on increasing their intercultural competence.
  • Individuals and groups receive practical, in-depth insights on how they make sense of cultural differences and respond.
  • Individuals and groups receive a plan and are guided through a series of activities and self-reflections that build intercultural competence.

Goals of the IDI

  • Increase cultural self-understanding

  • Deepen cultural other-understanding

  • Achieve organizational development goals

  • Work and live effectively with people from different cultures

  • Communicate more effectively across diverse groups

  • Greater ability in bridging across diverse cultural communities

The Process

Online assessment

Individuals from within the organization participating in the IDI process take the secure IDI online assessment.

Confidential feedback

Respondents receive confidential feedback on their individual profile from a Qualified IDI Administrator.

Individual Development Plan

Respondents receive an Individual Development Plan that guides each person through a customized series of activities and self-reflections that developmentally build intercultural competence.

Reflection and Discussion

An IDI Group Profile is generated for reflection and discussion, where IDI Qualified Administrators highlight prominent elements of the organization’s group profile.

PRFC has two licensed IDI Qualified Administrators on staff

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