Organizational Assessment

Racism continues to be pervasive in the structures and practices of businesses, organizations, faith-based and educational institutions. At Partners for a Racism-Free Community, we believe a systems thinking approach to eliminating racism begins with intentional self-examination and that creating racially equitable work environments is critical to these efforts.

The Organizational Assessment is a dynamic tool that allows institutions (nonprofit, governmental and corporate) to analyze and dismantle structural racism and build racial equity

What is it?

The Organizational Assessment is an analytic framework for assessing structural racism. By focusing on six target areas, the assessment guides you through the process of examining the following standards:

  • Leadership Engagement
  • Internal Policies, Practices and Processes
  • External Collaborations and Relationships
  • Contractor, Supplier or Vendor Practices
  • Client, Customer, Congregation and/or Marketplace Practices
  • Measurements and Results

The Organizational Assessment Process

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Coaching
  3. Assessment
  4. Feedback Report
  5. Accreditation
  6. Notice of Credential
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