Ending racism means elevating voices of color

This piece was originally posted on The Rapidian, Nov. 23, 2015.

At the national stage, we are seeing student activists stand up and speak about the challenges they are facing within the institutions they occupy. The challenges faced by students of color within post secondary institutions was brought to the forefront of national dialogues on race with the resistance of students at the University of Missouri after their concerns regarding instances of racial bias and aggression were not appropriately handled by university administration. Read more

Environmental concerns reflective of racial inequity

This commentary was originally posted on The Rapidian, Jan. 25, 2016

Water is a natural resource that, in the developed world, we often take for granted. On a daily basis, most people in the United States do not question whether or not their drinking water is safe. In Grand Rapids, most people don’t think about tap water so dangerous that its consumption could lead to negative health outcomes and bathing in it a dermatological disaster. Environmental activism exists, in this country, as an idealists’ pursuit, not as an existential emergency. Read more