Institutional Challenge to Achieve Racial Equity (ICARE)

Why participate?

ICARE reinforces your current business practices and helps you build policy around what you are already doing.  ICARE helps you keep good practices in place over the course of time and personnel changes.  ICARE promotes staff and customer retention.  ICARE enables you to demonstrate connectivity to your diverse customer base.  ICARE exemplifies your leadership in the community.


"We have noticed that conversation about inclusion has increased. And employees have said that they are proud of Goodwill's new partnership"  Colin Smith of Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids

"Naturally, being an organization of over-achievers, we immediately wanted to pursue it.  It was challenging, but extremely beneficial."  Amanda St.Pierre of Grand Rapids Community Foundation

"It was valuable to have someone walk beside us and ask helpful questions like, 'Have you considered this?Michele Loyd Paige of Calvin College

"Our journey has been so much easier and enriching because we are walking alongside PRFCSue Rex of Heart of West Michigan United Way

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"What is meant by racism-free?" The Partners have defined it as: The individual and systemic condition achieved when all persons, regardless of skin color, feel welcomed and wanted in all places and treat others the same way.

If you desire sustained success and value progress driven change, consider engaging in the assessment process. Call 616-466-6187 to schedule or inquire about a presentation outlining the program.