Eliminating institutional racism               Building racial equity


Our programs utilize our highly trained staff and other trained community advocates for racial equity, who diligently work to bring equity and inclusiveness to the workplace environment.

The ultimate goal of Partners for a Racism-Free Community is to bring systemic change to the community where:

  • all races and ethnicities are accepted and included
  • disparities are reduced or eliminated
  • there is collaboration not competition within the workplace
  • our whole selves are present in the workplace environment
  • organizations are racially equitable


Institutional racism is the more subtle form of racism that is embedded in our systems, our policies, and our practices.  It is a pattern of  organizational programs or policies working  to the benefit of white people and to the detriment of people of color, usually unintentionally or inadvertently.  It goes beyond person-to-person racism that is easily identifiable.