Institutional Challenge to Achieve Racial Equity

What is Institutional Racism?

Instiutional racism is the more subtle form of racism that is embedded in our systems, our policies, and our practices.  It is a pattern of  organizational programs or policies working  to the benefit of white people and to the detriment of people of color, usually unintentionally or inadvertently.  It goes beyond person-to-person racism that is easily identifiable.

Institutional racism need not involve intentional racial discrimination. For example, individual judges might intend to impose similar sentences for similar crimes; yet if Caucasian people tend to receive lighter punishments, then  institutional racism is occuring.

What is I CARE?

I CARE is a program that focuses on enlightening, educating, coaching, and assisting organizations and the people within the organizations, with their policies, practices, and culture to intentionally work to become more inclusive and racism-free.  It is a systems level change tool that works from the inside out to deconstruct institutional racism.

Why Participate

Reinforces your current practices and helps build policy around what you are already doing

Helps you keep good practices in place over the course of time and personnel changes

Enables you to demonstrate connectivity to your customer base


We invite your organization to engage in a process where you intentionally assess your workplace to create a racism-free environment using six standards which are part of an overall assessment. For more information about how you can connect to the I CARE journey, please call us at 616-466-6187


Racism-free is defined as the individual and systemic condition achieved when all persons, regardless of skin color, feel welcomed and wanted in all places and treat others the same way.