Partners for a Racism - Free Community

What We Offer

    Low cost Lunch and Learn seminars
    Newsletters with current and educational information surrounding institutional racism
    Annual Forum with speakers on issues surrounding eliminating racism in our personal lives and in our community
    Assessment and Credentialing for organizations
    Opportunities for collaboration and support such as discussions on best practices, new ideas, and concerns
    Consulting on how to begin the racism-free journey

Partners for a Racism-Free Community works with organizations, businesses, schools, congregations, and others to provide tools necessary to build an inclusive and racism-free environment and be positioned to succeed in the new multi-cultural economy.

According to the book, Just Growth by Chris Brenner and Manuel Pastor, racial inclusion and income equality are the 3rd strongest predictors of regional economic growth. 

According to a February 2013 report from Brandeis University, "the wealth gap between white and black families tripled from 1984 to 2009.  The analysis points to policy and the configuration of opportunities and barriers in workplaces and communities that reinforce deeply entrenched racial dynamics in how wealth is accumulated and that continue to permeate the most important spheres of everyday life."


Our Mission is working to provide a racism-free community through action-oriented personal committments, organizaitonal efforts, educational opportunities and social advocacy.